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The Learningden Preschool

December, 2009

Food, Family, and Fun

Parent Spotlight

We would like to take the time to point out a few parents who are doing great things:

Chrystee and Elena have been training for months and ran the Santa Barbara International Marathon this last week. Chrystee came in third with a time of just over 3 hours. Congratulations to both of them. We are very proud of their accomplishment.

Rebecca has been busy keeping up our parent board and calendar as well as keeping the scholastic book orders organized.

Angie took charge of all of the axcess correspondence and we really appreciate all her hard work.

Gary spent his day off of work to help set up the computer in Karin's office and plant some plants for us.

Shelly will be making jewelry on Tuesday with the children in the Purple Shark room, thanks for your dedication!!

Emergency Kits and the Flu Season

·      Please remember to bring all of your Child's emergency kits this week We are still missing quite a few.

·      We are cleaning and sanitizing the classrooms and bathrooms very well to keep the flu away from our school. Please help by staying home with your child you suspect that either of you are sick. We will be strictly enforcing our sick policy in an effort to keep all students and staff healthy! Thank you for your support and understanding.

Upcoming Events

December 10th- Bake Sale. The children will be baking Cookies this week for a Bake sale on Thursday from 3:30p-5:30p. All proceeds will go to buying material for making ornaments. Please come and support the children!!


TBA - We will be going to Villa Santa Barbara this month to make cards and decorate cookies with the seniors. This is one of the best field trips all year and parents are encouraged to come and participate with your children. More information to come.

Blue Dolphins

Happy Holidays to all the Blue Dolphin Families!! We are working hard on our trip around the world. We have stopped in Georgia and made peach pie, went to the Antarctic and made penguins and our Journey around the world will continue all through December we will begin updating the blog with travel scrapbooking as soon as it is finished.

Ms Vivienne is back! And Miss Karin is excited that they will both be travelling with the children. When the children are not engaged in activities that revolve around their travels, they will be working on holiday projects and colloguing the lampshade in their classroom.

We are looking forward to a great holiday and a wonderful start to the New Year being together, having fun, learning and growing as a classroom family!

Please let Karin or Viviane know if you have any questions or requests.

Purple Sharks

Purple sharks have been very busy working on identifying their letters. The class is doing different projects each day which revolve around a different letter in the Alphabet. Some of these activities include painting, drawing, cooking, beading and taking walks to look for extra special items. Ms. Amalie and Ms Mali hope that you all have a great holiday!   

Rainbow Fish

Rainbow fish are in high gear for the holiday season! They are working hard exploring different ways to use clay, and they are busy doing snowman crafts and sun catchers for gifts to take home. The children are really growing as a classroom family and as time passes they are learning everyday how to respect and care about their other classmates. The children are very excited about the holidays and they love doing projects, singing, and dancing with their friends in the classroom. Ms June wishes all of you a healthy happy holiday season.  

Green Turtles

Ms. Hillary loves her small close green turtle family. The children are really starting to feel comfortable with the room and have started to do projects to make their class feel like home. It is snowing in the Green Turtle room so if you have not checked it out feel free to stop in and take a look.

Ms Hillary is excited to spend this holiday season with her kids and has many fun holiday projects in store. Please feel free to stop in and speak with her at any time. She looks forward to spending time with all the green turtle parents.

Wish List

  1. Jars and containers
  2. Antibacterial cleaing wipes
  3. Left over wrapping paper
  4. Any art supplies you have at your house that is not being used: beads, ribbon, buttons, etc.

Thanks to all Parents who contributed to our wish list last month! It is greatly appreciated.

Other News

Thank you to Montecito Frame and Gallery for their donation and time to seal our Lampshades that the children made! We really appreciate it. Montecito frame has a great selection of children’s art materials and other great gift items. They are located in Summerland 969-1129. Feel free to call Michelle if you are looking for something special for the holidays.

Operation recycled material is in full swing. We have received many donations from the community to add to our collection of art materials. We hope that we will receive more and be able to expand our art canopy.

The Learningden has received a green care certification.

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